Roland the headless Thompson gunner

Thompson gunner for hire. I am now hearing from all those that think they have the answers to "Where have all the potters gone!" They all have their fingers on the trigger and want to blow off your head. Our panel didn't provide answers???? Ya it did! Go work for a potter, clean their toilets,
mow the lawn, do what ever it takes to hang out with potters.  Lisa is raising money thru Adopt a Potter to give to students that want to do just that.  I told everyone to move to Detroit and make pots where it is cheap. Did they think I was joking?
 I must say the older I get the less I know. Maybe I see the grande picture from all different sides now. In my youth I was more dogmatic and felt there was one path to follow and I preached it. I now think there are many paths to follow. Here is something my former student and wood fire hot shot Emma Smith wrote on FB yesterday "Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize" - Robert Hughes. The very best students I have taught "git it".


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