Stuck in the Mud

I didn’t want to pimp my new book before I went to NCECA  I wanted to be home where I could field your questions and attend to business. I self published a book of irreverent tales, BS and nonsense dedicated to the wonderful clay community that I have been a part of my entire lifetime. Got a very special forward from “Grass” Hopper. I did include two essays I wrote for the “Where have all the potter’s gone” panel. I could have written a couple more. My thoughts change daily as those of you that read my blog know. These essays are about 5 years effort.
If ya want some food for thought, some horseshit and some good practical advice on making a living as a potter/educator give it a read. There are over 40 essays like I used to write for Clay Times and Contact magazine.
Send me an email  giving me your email and your snail addy. The book is $20 plus $4 shipping and handling. I’ll bill ya on Pay Pal. Never had a potter stiff me yet. I've had gallery owners that have been unscrupulous but potter's integrity you can take to the bank.
It has been a gift to be part of this community.


smartcat said…
Shouldn't the shipping be higher to the U.S.? If so, how much?

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