Preparing for class

Next weekend begins the first of the courses at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts and I'm in the drivers seat with a course entitled "The Artful Teapot".
Here is what I plan to cover over the two days.

I hope everyone will go home with 4 or 5 teapots.
Drop in lip
Hang over lid
Capped lid
thrown spout
pulled spout
hand built spout.
Thrown teapot- roundie and straightie
Partly hand built/thrown teapot
Coffee pot
Coffee pot spout
So I had to go through the process of the partly hand built/thrown teapot as I haven't made them for several years. They are a great way to get a lot of texture in that middle section. Getting the proportions of the side walls and then the spout had me chopping a few up. The first spout was waaaaaaaay to long so I did some surgery to the template. If ya can throw some little bowls and a lid ya got a teapot with this method.
The following weekend is the "Size Matters" course. It was full but a few dropped out so I have room for a couple. I think size intimidates many. It shouldn't as many of the bigware potters I know are small.


Dennis Allen said…
Really like that deep texture.
DropStitchChris said…
Oh my gosh..I really wanted to take this class Tony…for some reason…maybe because of being away for so long….but I'll be back at work this day so poor me...
That is one cool looking pot Tony…..
Cyndi said…
Very nice. I wish you were closer.
Patsi Minnes said…
Why is this such a big country? Too bad there isn't a video link or some new fangled live streaming to be able to watch.
Unknown said…
Looking forward to the workshop, T (:

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