Dr. Yi- The Pottery Angel

During our firing of the Hamilton Potters Manibigama we were invited to stay and eat at the house of Dr. Unha Yi Hill. Unha is an amazing cook and for a petite woman has a heart the size of a two car garage.  Here is a small sampling of the meals we were treated to over 3 days. One supper had sea bass, caviar, mussels, shrimp, calamari, crab, 4 kinds of mushrooms

and forgive me Dr. Yi if I have forgotten something. All meals included multitudes of fresh fruit and veggies.  If ever there was someone who is the Queen of Presentation it is Unha. The nickname of Dr. Yi is because she is so conscious of good food as a source of good health. Unha rallied her daughter Adriana to serve the potters.  After the firing Jen and I went back for stuffed mushroom caps and some white wine. Hey life as a wood fire potter ain't so bad after all.
 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts- Dr. Yi  As Iris Dorton put it you are a Pottery Angel.


Chandler said…
How wonderful! I wish I'd been there with you guys,

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