Roofers, truckers and dirt farmers

One thing I love about staying in cheap hotels in America is having breakfast with the working people- the roofers, the truckers and the dirt farmers.

I love to talk to the salt of the earth that frequent the same hotels as I do. This morning I awoke at 5:45 to hit the road for Ronnie's. Down in the hotel kitchen I met a roofer and we talked gas prices. He said "I don't know why we have to go to war with the Saudi's and then I have to spend my hard earned money to rebuild their country. Why don't we just go over there, tell them we own their country and tell them to get out!"  I finished my waffle and coffee stood up and said " Hey man stay up on the roof, eh! He answered " Y'all do the same, buddy!" We say "eh" and they say "y'awl!"
He was up at 5:45 to go to work. He works hard and I understand his kind. The more I understand that there are 3 sides to every story the better the stories I collect.
This week I will be with a couple of professors, a librarian, a doctor, a Phd in Philosophy and some great liberal students from the university. 3 different sides to the story and better stories.
I'm at Ronnie's and the kiln is loaded and we spark it up in the morning.


Dennis Allen said…
Been a long time since we were at war with the Saudis. Happy firing
cookingwithgas said…
Now you're talking my people. We have lived, out in the country, for almost 40 years. Those are my neighbors, hard working, farms, factory, blue color workers. My respect for most of them has grown over the years. We don't talk about certain subjects, they still think us strange, but we are close anyway.
Give me the workers if the world, they hold us up.
carter gillies said…
You are firing ALREADY?!

I might not make it out today, but I'll shoot for tomorrow.

See you then!

Unknown said…
I agree with you, I like this very much - spending time with an ordinary people, listen to their stories, talking with them.. this is amazing how inspiring people are!

Greetings, Zygmunt
roofers Edinburgh

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