I like Butt's

A couple more nights of southern hospitality. We had a fish fry at David and Dawn Meyers house. They live in David's childhood home so of course it is full to overflowing of wonderful critter tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and almost everywhere is a tribute to his Dad. The table was set with a full table of critter plates.
Last night we had southern Bar b que from Butt's Smoke House

. We had a rack of ribs, beef brisket, bacon and beans and vinegar slaw. It was quite a meat fest.
It is a good thing that as a regular habit I have been going to the Georgia Botanical Gardens for a run in the morning. 


jffollies said…
So enjoying your reports of your Southern Sojourns. Hope it has been less cold and rainy in Georgia than South Louisiana this year.
sddonlon said…
The BBQ looks really good! And what a great name for a restaurant! ! :D

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