Easy to like, harder to like

I had thought today's blog post would be about what is easy to love and what is an acquired taste. I made 13 easy to like cups this aft and 13 harder to love cups. If I were buying a piece of me I think I know which one I'd buy. Easy to love is easy to identify skill, craftspersonship, glaze, pattern etc, etc. Harder to love is a bit more complicated. If you only make what others will like and not make what you love I think you are not an artist.
 I began to write this when my almost daily update came in from my daughter Robin. She was today at a Climate Change Protest at Queen's Park in Toronto. Of course, she would be she is an activist. She didn't tell me this she just sent a pic of a pop up art show at Ju-ju's Kindergarten. I wrote back "Stop Doug Ford!' He is killing Art Education in this province.
Her response:
"Doug Ford can't stop this. That's why art is integral  to the resistance. I  told you man, artists fuel it!
I was at a climate rally today and it's the same every time.... musicians are the heart beat on the street and the artists create incredible visuals to inspire us to keep moving!"
So my fellow artists:
The purpose of art actually is, in many cases, to make you feel quite uncomfortable. Or at least to go to that place that's already of discomfort inside of you and tap into that. Micheal Moore. 
more difficult to love

covering my bases easy and harder to love

almost anyone recognizes the skill

Art pop up at Ju-ju's kindergarten. check out the rainbows.


JLK Jewelry said…
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Anonymous said…

smartcat said…
I find all that I have seen, in photos admittedly, is easy to love. But that top one is a WOWZA!

I personally cannot make something that I don’t love or would not have in my own house. That way madness lies.

If you build another kiln I will definitely have to do my utmost to come do some kind of workshop with you.
Anonymous said…
A cup only a mother could love,
and so often as time passes these are the ones that end up in museums,
as masterpieces.
Anonymous said…
"According to the Good Book, we are created from clay, and as Nature had it so destined that no two of us are alike, all couldn't be symmetrically formed, caused a variety to be wobble-jawed, hare-lipped, cross-eyed, all colours, bow-legged, knock-kneed, extra limbs...
I make disfigured pottery - couldn't and wouldn't if I could make it any other way."

George Ohr

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