The Curated Cup

It is of great pleasure to have STARworks NC ask me to curate a cup show in the spring of 2020. They asked me to pick 3 potters that a collector should either start a collection of cups with or  cups that should be in a cup collection to complete it.
I answered they would have to be cups with handles. The wave that hit America of yunomi's in my opinion was inspired by those that can't pull a handle. I have more than once publicly stated it takes longer to learn to make great handles than to throw pots.
It took me only moments to select the three potters I would like to present to you in The Curated Cup Show. I emailed my three favs and they answered "YES!". Hallelujah, hallelujah! Love y'all!
Without initially knowing it I had picked three potters that represent the decades of the 60's, the 80's and the 2000's. All are fabulous makers that are making work that has a signature- their signature. Instantly recognizable work!!!!
Each potter will make 20 handled cups and they will be presented in boxes that Takuro Shibata  Director of Clay at Starworks is having custom made in  Japan. The boxes will be signed by the individual potter and the handled cup  will be presented just like a treasured yunomi. Only better it has a handle.
They will be sold in sets of 3- Ronnie, Linda and Eric.  Available in May to kick off the Wood fire Conference
I think the Curator is going to be in the bidding for one of these sets.
More later- I'm totally excited!
Ronnie the Rat Meyers turns 85 this year

Linda Christianson- a cup legend that inspired my handles.

Eric Botbyl- This guy snuck up on me. Awesome!


Anonymous said…
"There is a vibration around things made with the hands and love that no machine can copy.
The handmade object has a vitality of its own that no mass produced thing can duplicate."

Beatrice Wood
Anonymous said…
If your cups were a house, I'd move in.
Tony Clennell said…
What a great line_ if your cups were a house I'd move in. Love it! T

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