Do you ever feel I was better then?

I was looking for a photo last night and came across some pots that really resonated with me. I thought holy shit I was better then. I think Covid kicked the crap outta of us creative types. I was makin Art and not worried about a safety net. When the safey net gets taken away you tend to curl up in a fetal position and play it safe. I can easily make pots for everyone except, I'm not everyone! I looked at these plates or whatever it was I had on my mind. Were they intended for flowers? I love the edges, the casualness of the openings. I can't for the life of me think of what I was thinking. I only know I was in a good creative place and that is important to me. What happened to them? Where did they go? How did I glaze and fire them? Why did I give up on them? Should I revisit them? Then there are these teapots with brush work that I really like. I get home from Fogo October 1 if Fiona doesn't wreck havec on The Maratimes. I then have to prepare for a show with Amber Zuber and Janet MacPherson at Ambers place in Normandale and a pop at Fairview Brewery in Hamilton. Will I have time to prepare for a wood firing or am I best to gas fire! A smart man would gas fire and get some bike rides in. There will be some beauty wood fire at Ash and Barrel Fairview Brewery and I will be jealous. You pick something up ya gotta put something down. I chose a month on Fogo and it has been wonderful.


Anonymous said…
Were the plates inspired by Judy Chicago's dinner party?

I agree, revisit them!
Tony Clennell said…
I did see the Judy Chicago dinner party a long time ago but it left no impression. Not my thang! T
Anonymous said…
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