Hang on tight!

I've made a point of waking and spending 5 minutes in a semi coma before making coffee giving thanks and gratitude for the life I live and have lived. I talked to my niece last night and she said Uncle Tony you live sucha an amazing life travelling to different places, meeting different people, experiencing new things and all that is true. I said yes this is all true but there is no one at home to leave the light on when I get home. She answered marriage doesn't mean someone leaves the light on for you. Fogo Island is such a beautiful and hard place.It would be such a hard and lonely place without someone you love. A friend here said when ya got someone here ya hang on tight. Maybe that's the secret ya got to hang on tight. Love is hard and life here is hard. I have another week here on Fogo and it has been so good for me in soooo many ways. Thinking about what I would miss, who I am, what's important in my life, and where would I ride my bike? The bike had become the obsession that I share with clay. I'm a dad, a uncle, a potter, a writer, a gardener, an artist, a rambler, a friend, and a whole bunch of things that add up to being me. Never forget how awesome you are!


Anonymous said…
Lavender Ceramics invites queer youth ages 14-24 to join Dundas Valley School of Art for a free community specific introduction to ceramics beginning Oct. 9. Participants will be guided through building foundational ceramic technique while participating in a wellness space. All levels welcome. Limited spaces. Call to register: 905-628-6357 ext 1


Louise said…
Why would you want someone at home to leave the light on, what about someone to share your life with you, not stay behind to take care of you. she is right!

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