Heaven or Hell?

I had the Amish come this week and give me a price on building a small addition to my house for a 3 season studio. They say you go to Heaven for the scenery and Hell for the good company. Well it ain't that I don't have a lot of good company visit me here in my baasement studio at The Cactus Lounge. It's just that I want to be looking at my garden, the birds, the flowers and most of all not carrying clay up and down the basement stairs. So that's the good news. The bad news is I have to have hand surgery end of June that will make me self unemployed for a couple of months. The last time I couldn't make pots I wrote a book. I start drawing lessons on Wednesday so my right hand will busy. I should be making production ware that will pay the bills while I'm laid up. Instead I'm making pots that ain't gonna race out the door. My favourites tpots and jugs. The tpots especially ain't for everyone. They are gallon size. Making pottery is not a hobby for me. Collecting stamps is a hobby. Making pots for me is presenting my inner self to the world. Wish me well getting through this next few months. I usually get awfully grumpy when I ain't making pots. The fact that there is a Highway to Hell and only a staircase to Heaven tells ya alot about expected numbers. My new space will be close to the Hell of my basement but with a view of my little Heaven.
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gz said…
That will be a good combination!

You have chosen good reliable builders too.

Happy healing 🙂
smartcat said…
Excellent move on the new studio, Tony. I have southern exposure in both my winter and summer spaces. It gives me enormous pleasure and inspiration to be able to watch the passing days.
Toes crossed the hand surgery goes well with a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.

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