The Dark Side

Well one of the beauties of digital cameras is ya can come home and look at your work from a distance and better yet ya can have long distance friends looking at your work and give ya great ideas. The seams had been bothering me and a friend sent a photo shop picture of ledges to make the seams look like ledges and not seams. So I hurried up to the studio and spent the day making ledges.
Here are some rocks in Logan Canyon just outside the University. Also this is a pic taken of me by one of my Introductory Ceramic students of 2 years ago that went to the the dark side- photography! Cody Bell took this pic with his 4 x 5 camera. Yes, they still make film. Cody enlarged the picture to 30 x 40 for his Bfa grad show. I could see the nose and ear hair- scary it was. Sheila said I looked grumpy. Joe Davis said that is how a grad student is supposed to look 6 weeks before his show.


Linda Starr said…
Great photo, good luck with your sawdusticles.
Taylor said…
I still love those "rims", buster. Go melt some ice.

Tay Tay
Jerry said…
I like those two pieces the best out of everything I've seen on your blog. Can't wait to see 'em fired.
Anonymous said…
Hey Tony, nothing wrong with the "DarkSide", remember I did that for years before turning to
I like the additions, adds great character to the piece, and the little guy you are, you will have a place for a toe hold when you climb them!!!

Frans said…
Hey Tony apparently, I don't have to be "Anonymous" anymore.
this is it....third photo down, rock ledges and erosion...this is the ju-ju. The only thing better than pressed or combed texture is big ass, three demensional texture.
Anonymous said…
I think adding the ledges was a good idea. They look less like big pots. Can't wait to see them all fired and finished.
Marvin said…
Hey Tony...
I check in on your blog periodically. Looks like your latest work is getting quite vigorous!! I don't know if you know it but my son got married up in Logan Canyon. It was easily the nicest wedding I have attended. Risidual snow and mountain flowers and all!
Do be well, my friendd.
Marv Bjurlin
You always look grumpy in photos!
Earl and Vickie said…
Yeah, Tony, these are looking great!! I like the ledge/seam treatment.

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