The Young Bulls

The young bulls pulled a big last shift for us. Perry Haas, Johnnie Larson, Danny Crump and the southern gentleman Ernie Gentry stepped up BIG time for this last stoking shift. We put 5 carts of split wood thru the side stokes in a 12 hour shift. Nothing would do but they insisted on the biggest stoke ever. There had been a hardwood Kon-tiki sculpture hanging around the wood lot several years and the young bulls put it in the fire box. It took about 2 hours for it to burn which gave us extra time to side stoke the rest of the kiln. This is the biggest kiln god I have ever seen.
John Neely watched the process and said to me - Too soon olde and too late smart!
I will treat them all to beer and a bump and once again tell them the story of the old bull and the young bull. It seems to take getting older to understand the story.


Anonymous said…
nice dick. really nice. V
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