Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Southern Gentleman

Here is a pic of my Saturday stoking partner Mississippi Ernie
Gentry stoking the kiln. Ernie has no investment in the kiln and yet he has signed up for a 6 hour shift of hard labour. The double wide is more than a two person kiln and my fellow students have signed up to help Denny,Heidi and me fire off a kiln of our work. Last night I drove Ernie home and thanked him for his help. He said I am invested in my fellow class mates. Enuff said, Ernie and thanx to all that are helping. I am indebted!!!
Here is some cottonwood that was split for the sidestokes. We also have 2 x6"s to sidestoke. I like putting thru the wood with bark on it in lieu of the nude wood.

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Craig Edwards said...

Splitting cottonwood is an art in its self. It looks like you have some good help. Good Fires!!