The Spiral Jetty

When Robert Smithson created the Spiral Jetty back in the 70's he chose the location on Great Salt Lake because the water was red from the iron in the rocks. In fact the rocks had about the best reduction cool surface I've ever seen. The 14 mile road to the jetty is muddy and is recommended for 4 wheel vehicles. This is one reason it is the most famous piece of art that few have ever seen. Very tuff on your Gucci loafers and your Mercedes Benz.
The water has receded since then and if you think I'm walking on water covered ice you're wrong. It's water covered salt.
We were the only ones there in this very unworldly location. Looking at the pics to pick for the post to the blog gave me the chills. It is like I visited this magic place that cast a spell on me.


Judy Shreve said…
I have been to this spot. I felt like I was on another planet -- eerie & wonderful at the same time!
jimgottuso said…
very cool post... just discovered your blog.
Linda Starr said…
Gee, I've been to the Salt Lake, but never knew about the spiral jetty, I would love to visit the next time I am there, beautiful photos.

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