Pressure makes diamonds

I watched by buddy Trevor Dunn under a lot of pressure this past month getting ready for his Mfa exhibition. I wouldn't have shown this picture a couple of weeks ago but here is the gear piece blown to smithereens in the bisque kiln. It had to be reDunn by Mr. Never Dunn himself. Most would have had a nervous breakdown but this seemed to settle Trevor down into a steady groove which is not normal for him. He is a fits and starts kinda maker. The singular theme of the show 'Dialogs Distilled" was a celebration of Mexican Mezcal Cantaros and Reliquaries. It was a very successful show with a great turnout and the sales were brisk. I bought the piece on the left of the picture with the title and two pieces. I am glad to have this piece for my collection as over the past 3 years we have experienced a lot together including me putting up with his snoring in China for 4 months. Maybe it was me that was the snorer- hmmmmmm!


I need these pots....seriously...

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