More from the Hen House

I thought I'd take ya into Day #2 of the making of the Cornish Hen cookers. Here is Sheila trimming the bowl that will become the top of the lid. She places it upside down in the cylinder which she has made square or triangular and then traces the shape so she can cut it. The cylinder is slipped and scored and the bowl is paddled into place. She throws these little ribbons that will become the flange of the gallery. Here is the flange in place.
Of special interest to potters- check out Sheila's splash pan. When on God's green earth is a potter going to design a wheel with a decent splash pan? Actually a potter did design one and I want one. It is the Thomas Stuart! I threw on one at Tucker's Pottery Supplies 2 weeks ago and I lust for one.


madpotter1 said…
and the torque on the thomas stewart!! Love it!
If the old shimpo ever bites the dust going for the TS.

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