40 Years in the Making

Yesterday I went to see an old friends show at the Burlington Arts Centre. 40 years of making a living as a potter is nothing to sneeze at. Donn was an important figure for me as a young potter. His home/studio was a coffee pot for many of us that had ideas of how to stay alive in this game. We stayed over, drank, talked, laughed, learned and planned.   Donn was instrumental in forming The Hamilton Potters Guild now over 300 strong and the Ontario Potters Association(now Fusion ) which has been as strong as 1200 members in its hay day. It was his introduction to this community that has kept me in the clay family. Thank you Donn for your enthusiasm for clay. Here's to the next 40. I wonder how many firings that will be?


Cyndi said…
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Cyndi said…
Thank you, Tony, for all that you do in the clay world. Hope to see you at Pinecroft in 2014.

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