A Potter Should Live Their Life Generously

Recently on Facebook I saw a post directed to me from one of my former Sheridan College students that went on to get an MFA from Rhode Island.  Jess said in her little post “ I remember that you said a potter should live their life generously”. Wow, of all the things I have said for this one thing to stick with Jess is really heart felt.
Jess was an amazing student and although you will look at her work and wonder how I could be even a part of it, I overflow with pride that I am part of her Ceramic Education. http://jessrivacooper.com/index.html
I will repeat my advice. My Uncle Jimmie said he loved to give pots away to people he liked. I share his love. I get more pleasure out of giving things away than selling them. I guess that is why I will pass with many friends and little money.
We came home today with a treasure trove of plants from a neighbor at Pinecroft. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of plants for free. Sheila is planning payback. It is not expected but my wife
 likes to give.  Give and get!


DropStitchChris said…
You and Sheila are so generous and awesome...I'm sure you are filthy rich...if filthy rich is measured by how many people think highly of you!!
Bonnie said…
Her work is AMAZING - thank you!
Anonymous said…

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