Get out of jail free

A couple of years ago when Sheila and I tore down our wood fired train kiln we said "Never again!!!" Well, never say never. Here is the new woodie firing. Pretty as a picture, isn't it?  I think I'll do this until I can't physically move. Then I hope some of the young students I have nurtured will come help the ole boy out. I love my pots wood fired and I can visualize them. Usually even in my wildest dreams the kiln adds something I hadn't dreamed of. If you ask yourself the question "Can you see your work fired any other way and the answer is NO then there is no get out of jail free card. You are a lifer!
thanks to Chad Whaley for the killer picture.


Anonymous said…
Glorious and luminescent! That's a big firefly! Yah!
smartcat said…
Night firing! Mysterious and beautiful. I hope you post lots of results.
Georgia Harvey said…
What a fantastic photo. Bet you could see that from space!

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