Excess is never enough

I think if I had to explain the work of Wayne Cardinalli it would be "excess is never enough". Wayne in  Italian fashion( oops in this PC world can I say that?) loves to decorate. Oh I just did say it. It's my blog so I say it and wear the scars on my chest and not my back. Wayne loves to move clay and leave all kinds of marks. Restraint is not in his DNA. For people exploring clay and looking for their own signature I think Wayne's workshop at Pinecroft is for you. He will introduce a pile of decorative techniques and it is then your job to sort thru them and pick what is you. I like the man and I like his pots. They are one and the same- animated, friendly and sincere.


Anonymous said…
Hi tony....at times like this i wished i still lived up the road in Springfield....i'd love to attend Wayne's workshop, i'm sure it'll be an absolute blast, and there will be great learnin' too !

cheers, linda

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