The Smoker

We got whacked by a horrendous storm. It wasn't a hurricane or a tornado but it was a dooser. We have lots of big trees in the hood and they are laying all over the roads. A big limb went down 3 doors from us that blocked the road. Before I could think of getting my extension cord and my De Walt sawzall out The Smoker and 2 other old ladies were cleaning up the tree with a hand saw. The Smoker is an old lady that always has a ciggie hanging out her mouth and she sweeps the sidewalks clean around our hood. She patrols the sidewalks to scowl at people that litter or just don't belong in her hood. If we put copper pipe, metal, bottles or cans at the end of the driveway The Smoker as if hiding in a tree top swoops down and it is all gone.
So while most of the city sits and waits for the city workers to arrive with chain saws, chippers and trucks the old ladies in my hood look after their own.  Three cheers for the ladies lead by

The Smoker- hip, hip hoorah, hip, hip, hoorah, hip,hip hoorah. Long may she puff.


smartcat said…
Some times those strange storms can do amazing amounts of damage. Although it's sad to lose trees, how fortunate there were no lives or houses lost.
A few people like your wonderful ladies can give an entire community a boost.
Dennis Allen said…
Just what we need. More pitch in less bitch in.

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