Chinese Whiskers

I'm not sure today in this PC world whether or not I can actually call the quick thumb nail marks I put under a handle "Chinese whiskers".  It was an expression I picked up from Mick Casson in Wales. Simple expression and I think ya get the picture.  I said it didn't I?
I must be a cheapskate romantic because whenever I set out to make a vase it  becomes a bottle for a plum blossom or a single flower. There is talk on the Clayart Discussion Group now that it is irresponsible to make pots with small openings that can not be cleaned out. What is a dinosaur like me to do? I'll have to get with contemporary artistic dialogue and then stop making pots. I'm going to follow the trend and  stop being a potter and start being a ceramic designer.  I'll

have all my designs perfectly crafted by some poorly paid master craftsperson in China. Then if there is a mistake in language or function I'll just blame it on them. There I feel much lighter in the shoulders now.


Dan Finnegan said…
Think of how hard it will be to clean those funky rims...complete irresponsiblity on your part, Tony.
Taylor said…
Such a contrarian.
Dennis Allen said…
As long as the interior is clean when they buy it you are ethically fine. If the buyer chooses to fill them with milk instead of good old alcohol that's on them.
smartcat said…
Potters! Always up to something to disturb the public!

Don't you just love the rules people come up with? You can clean anything with hydrogen peroxide and a sponge on a goodness a new market right there for the taking.

Dennis is right and my quote the movie Argo f*** yourself!
Ashley Morrow said…
So I guess using a shino glaze on the inside is out then. Who would want a lovely shino pot with it's inevitable crawling? (I would, but then I don't drink out of flower vases either) I love little pansy pots with narrow openings.
Awww -tell 'em they can clean anything with a narrow neck by filling it with water and throwing in a Pepsodent tablet.
Juju said…
Love throwing all kinds of decorative bottles and will always do so. The long necked ones are like a dance in throwing. So Pucker Galley will have to hide Brother Thomas' bottles because Clayart said so!

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