Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stubborn- who me?

We as potters think we live physical lives lifting clay, materials, pots, kiln shelves, chopping wood etc,etc. I think for the most part we sit on our duffs. A couple of years ago I got concerned about my BMI and started walking /running. I had a cheap pair of running shoes and really screwed up my arch. So determined this year to get into shape I got a good pair of shoes on sale. With that had to come all the paraphernalia to dress in.  I have been doing the rail trail that follows the Niagara Escarpment and it is usually a friendly place with lots of people walking their dogs, joggers, cyclists,  and people with ski poles and no skis.

Today there was not a soul to be seen but little ole me. WHY? It was 40 degrees below freezing wind chill. I had layered all the paraphernalia ( 4 layers on top, 3 layers on the bottom, my hoodie pulled over my head but my dang gloves let me down. When I got back to my car I couldn't even move my hands to get the keys out of my jacket. Then I dropped the keys in the snow and fumbled to get them to open the door and start the car. Finally at home I couldn't undo my pants. I would hate to think of what real frost bite feels like. Stay warm out there and stay healthy.

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Dennis Allen said...

You folks just love summer in Ontario.The other 11 months it's just bitch bitch bitch.