100 Days,100 Posts!

Our last day of this 100 day adventure is spent in Bejing. Highlights for me would include the Silk Market where rip-offs abound. North Face, Ralph Lauren, La Coste, Timberland and you name it are there in quantity but maybe not in quality. My roommate Trevor saw the bargaining for a better price as blood sport. He came away with some pretty great down hiking jackets for the price of a beer and a bump at Detroit airport. The young women that grab your arms and call ya honey are clever little hawkers that get a adrenalin rush from the bait and switch of the market place. After two Advils and a breath of air we headed for the 798 art district. This is a very nice little area of artists studios and galleries. Looking in the parking lots there is money somewhere in China- Masserati, Rolls, Beamer, Jag, Audi etc. The galleries were fantastic and that somewhere could be Toronto, London , New York or Beamsville. I had to take a picture of the wee pink gallery with the dead flowers for my wife Sheila. Dead flowers absolutely drive her crazy. She would likely be found there weeding and cleaning up the garden. Off for the long trip home over 6000 miles away on the other side of the world. I'll clean up and summarize the adventure tomorrow.


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