Bad Hair Days

I've been without my own personal barber now for the better part of 3 months. I went shopping today for something to take back to Baby Einstein (my grand daughter, Ava). I found this interesting alley known as Hidden Alley that is part food and part clothing merchants. I thought I'd take some photos of people having bad hair days too. I ran into these two American women with great hair. The one woman hit the streets without her pants on. Old Mr. Bird here is in bad need of a good rug for that head of his. The shaggy dog is sitting on top of the styrofoam containers just washed himself in the containers of live fish. The sugar cane lady is puffing on a smolieolie while peeling some sugar cane.


Anonymous said…
Those 2 mannicans look like something from Rod Serling's 'Night Gallery'!

Thanks again for such a fantastic blog. You do a most excellent job documenting your experiences & observations while abroad. What an incredible opportunity you have being over there.

Curious as to how your life will change once you return to Canada. I hope you do followup posts regarding just that once you return as well.

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