Qing Dynasty

One of my favourite presents that I brought home from China was a little hat for my grand daughter Ava that I purchased in the Muslim market in Xian. I was in this wonderful little shop full of interesting antiques and most especially old clothing. There were a number of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) hats that I couldn't decide on. Trevor had gone down the alley and we were separated when a nasty fight broke out. I saw a blue and black jacket in the midst of it and I thought it was him. I saw someone getting thrashed with a cane and blood was flying everywhere. As I moved towards the fight I looked over the commotion to see Trevor telling me to get the hell outta there. He was not in it but he could read the electricity in the air and we needed to get out. I think a shoplifter had been caught and the merchants were dealing out their kind of justice. No fine, no ticket but a beating that could have killed the poor bugger. I told Trevor I had to go back to the store for a hat. We went back after the alley settled down. After buying the hat i walked out into the dark of the evening to see this pagoda shaped temple lit up. It was the perfect reference for the hat I had just purchased. Art referencing life at it's best.
Home with Sheila with her hand in a splint from a year of production throwing while I globe trotted around the world- Utah, Italy and China.


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