Boxers or Briefs???

I made my fair share of "so-what" pots while I was in Jingdezhen and I just put this basket in the pile near the gate with some other peoples not so good pots. The gate keeper chose to sit on the handle. He must have had a bad case of rectal itch as the handle was pretty well loaded up with gnar-gnar.
Here is Trevor and I chowing down on a delicous bread shell that we loaded up with 8 lamb kabobs each. Bobby Free proclaimed this to be the best meal we ate in China. It was spicy, hot, tasty and cheap. We paid 8 Yuan each or the equivalent of $1.04. Too cold that night to wash it down with a 26 cent beer.
When I got home Sheila insisted that I shave off my beard and then she tore my shirt and pants off. This is at least was my fantasy and the picture you see is hers.


Anonymous said…
Hey, I like Sheila's fantasy!
Can I have that guy?

Never mind. It was just a momentary illusion. Mine is a keeper.
Anonymous said…
i'll take em'

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