Olde Town

Today we had the unique and rare opportunity to visit an old part of Jingdezhen that has been surrounded by but yet untouched by development. A young woman that works for the Pottery Workshop Xiong baixu spent her childhood there and is a welcome visitor by the residents and old people of the community. Baixu pronounced Buy Shoe is a relative success story. From these humble surroundings a young woman gets a great job working for millionaire Caroline Chen as the foreign translator and ambassador of the Pottery Workshop. At 19 years of age Baixu takes ballet lessons, speaks English very well and is studying Japanese. We were taken right into the homes and kitchens of these Chinese people living in the old traditional ways. My camera could not possibly create the low light, cold feeling and yet hospital surroundings we stood in awe of. I have more pictures to show than I can get on one blog so the next one or two may be more pictures than blah, blah, blah.


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