Life on the Streets

The streets here are relentless in terms of activity, hustle and bustle. Everyone is in business selling something or the other. I had been meaning to take a picture of the wires hanging down at the entrance of Food Alley. Can you imagine the fit the electrical inspector would have at the sight of this.
Here is a nice display of eggs and fish laid out in the alley for sale. I stood beside this old man on the trike selling a few of his potted flowers. he had a set of teeth I'd have loved to photograph. The front two looked like they were made from a straight piece of bone and then the surrounding 4 were all gold.
You're always able to buy sweet potatoes or corn or some kind of munchie from a street vendor.
I did like the looks of these hand made insoles. For 26 cents I got a nice bit of comfort for my Australian Blundies.


Fantastic images...I gain 5 lbs every time I read your blog.

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