Babies, weddings, and candy

I don't want to dwell on the state of the economy but on my Saturday visit to Cafe Ibis I pulled up beside a pink Hummer, a pink Caddy SUV and a pink Caddy sedan with Mary Kay written on the side. It was a reminder to me of where the money is to be made in this Mormon stronghold. The ladies all go to church and so the makeup business in this part of the world is BIG business.
I always visit my favourite Man store called Smithfield Implements. I can get Carhartt jeans for under $25 but I always need to get the legs taken up. Back in July the seamstress in town said she couldn't have them ready for me for 3 weeks and pointed at a wall of hundreds of wedding dresses and temple garments. Even at USU there is a big wedding conference coming up. This poster sure doesn't look like Sheila and I are on our wedding day at the court office with the Justice of the Peace.
Candy, ice cream and sodas are also big business in this town. It is part of the way to make up for the vices that others enjoy.


Marvelous entry! We all cheer for the entries about pots, but it is great when you make breaks like this to communicate the feel of places like Logan. Bravo for the excursus; we can sense the Sitz im Leben of your current work.
Anonymous said…
They don't even look old enough to get married!


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