My Slum Land Lady

I thought ya might like to see my digs in Logan. I rented a room from fellow grad Heidi
Kreitchet. I can't show you a picture of her cause she's at a bar drinking beer and watching a football game. I got a room with wi-fi, laundry facilities, my own entrance and I'm in walking distance to the school or the grocery store. The house is full of interesting pots so not only does it have everything I need it is visually interesting.
The last two days I've slept 12 hours a day getting caught up with the sleep I missed worrying about the trip over the Rockies.
I think my timing was dead on as a couple of the other students from the east are stuck at airports waiting for the skies to open.


Anonymous said…
Hey Tony...
Glad to see you made it without too much, or hardly anything, going wrong.
Yes border people can be nice as well, and it does make a difference!
Glad to see you are in a place that reminds you of home, at least in size anyway.,

You sound all geared up and ready to go, we are all returning to Sheridan on the 12th, I will tell the class where to check out you blog.

Take care, Frans!
looks like the house Forrest was living in when I visited. Nice digs.

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