USU Fat Camp

I can usually count on dropping 10 lbs when I come to USU. One I walk to and from school which is up hill. This first week has had my lungs screaming climbing the stairs to the bench on which the school sits. The fridge in the grad kitchen went on the fritz so it is outside on the stair landing. We have had some sub zero Rockie Mtn weather so coffee cream is frozen solid. I took a pic of what surrounds the university. Utah is really The Promised Land with breath taking scenery.
The second reason for the weight loss is the long days. Four of us are taking a night school welding class at the local technical school. Welding is sanctioned by my professor as a valuable MFA credit. I took a pic of the USU gang- CJ, Perry and Denny. We are an odd crew mixed in with the hard working men. I guess CJ must notice it more than I.


Anonymous said…
lookin' good buddy

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