I am a real fan of Danny(Crumpet) Crump's work and work ethic. Here is a porcelain head he has just made in one of his very large multiple piece molds. This guy is going to have so much to offer when her hits the job market. He is allotted a very small working space in the Bfa room and it is no wonder his class mates get pissed with him. Here is a picture of my best student from Intro Ceramics that I had Murf talk to about joining the Bfa crew. Kate is a very talented art student that unfortunately got placed beside Crumpet. He needs a hockey arena to contain his ideas and work.
I think Crumpet and I are soul brothers as we both started putting insulating brick in our clay. Crumpet though went big scale and cranked up the USU hammer mill and made a couple of garbage cans full. Lucky for me he shares.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tony, We are off to Seim Reap for 5 days. Will visit Khumar Pottery. Just saw fab show of 14 Queensland woodfire potters jn Brisbane. You would have liked the work.Say hello to John and Dan and pitter patter lets get atter.
Anonymous said…
lookin' good boom!

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