The best heart attack on a plate bar none is LD's in rural Utah and that is not LDS for Latter Day Saint's. This is a restaurant with real waitresses and a bar at the back if ya need a beer and tomatoe juice with your morning breaky. Kinda reminds me of my mothers house complete with artificial flowers and moose wallpaper. The food is plentiful and good and washed down with a bottomless cup of Jo. This was the kind of joint my father loved with all the colour of the community. He called these people the salt of the earth. When I was a young man sporting a Hasselblad 500C and all the lenses my dad would have me taking photos of these characters of the diners and bars. My dad would have loved this place. I love it too and think that maybe it's a Sunday tradition for me.


Anonymous said…
CAn we go tomorrow?
June Perry said…
Great shots Tony. Jim, my husband, calls these places greasy spoons and love them. Breakfast is his favorite meal and the more the food slides off the plate the more he like it! LOL
Glad to see you back blogging again!

June Perry
Anonymous said…
Hi Tony

Yes great "HEARTy" food for sure, but hey, ya gotta eat, right?

Anonymous said…
Hi Tony,

These cafe diners are wonderful - very American. I love your description, too of your mom's place. Makes me wish we were all there having breakfast with you. Enjoy each and every visit! I'm glad there are still real places like this. Great way to start your day anytime you can go there. I can just smell the food and feel the warmth and 'chi'.

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