Crossing the Great Divide

The skies opened for me on this journey across the US. I had blue skies and sun all the way. The one place that has had me white knuckling my steering wheel on previous trips is between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. There is a pass over the Rockies that can be nasty in August. If you laughed at me talking a survival kit here is a pic of what you see for hundreds of miles- nuthin! Nuthin' but sagebrush. Not a living soul or house anywhere. If they close the road you're in for a night to remember. Gas prices in Wy were as low as $1.33 a gallon. My fill ups were under $20 when just in August gas prices were around $3.45 and my fill ups were just under $50.
Once thru the Great Divide ya hit the mountains of Utah and I'm there.
Some of the gang were over to my new digs last night for some bourbon and cheap champagne. Nobody is moving too quick this morning as I have already been to the studio and I'm locked out till I get my key. A truck to unload and clay to make.


Anonymous said…

Those are some pretty impressive images of your trip, truly awesome to see the mountains!

Hope the the Toy-Yoda is hanging in the.


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