Mother Nature

Well you've seen pictures of our well manicured property. Well Mother Nature swept thru tonight with some tornado like winds and hail that played hell with the 60 foot trees we have on the property. I was looking forward to unloading a glaze firing first thing in the morning but it looks like the Stihl is going to be chewing up some firewood. We had some damage to our roof and eaves but other than that it's just labour and firewood. We're OK and that's what matters. I'm going to take down all the big locusts and those damn weeds they call Chinese elms. Tooooooo close to the house and studio.


Linda Starr said…
Oh my goodness, I am so glad no one was hurt and that a whole tree didn't fall on your house or studio, but still and all I know it's a whole lot of work to clean up all that debris and leaves and all. What a storm that must have been.

Two weeks ago we have a big wind here and we looked outside and saw the metal roof of our barn lifting up, we ran out there and put firewood on top of the roof temporarily to hold it down, we just narrowly missed it ripping off. For some reason all our trees were ok. We get heavy winds here quite a bit and perhaps our trees are used to it, but they aren't as tall as yours since I planted them all five years ago. It was 108 F today and going higher tomorrow. Ugh - mother nature needs to take a calming and cooling sleep.
Wow - looks like you will have lot's more kiln wood, but that's getting it the hard way! At least you are both OK and you are here this week to clean it up and then you can relax at MISSA :).
Anonymous said…
Yikes~! Mother Nature sure has a mind of her own. Glad you are ok! WOW that must have been scarey. Looks like a mess makes you wonder. . .we have had a few tornadoes here in Colorado and this summer the weather has been weird! Take care
ladyofclay said…
Mother Nature can be pretty cruel at times - Yesterday was a bad weather day here in Saskatchewan as well. Hail pounded across wheat,canola and barley fields here late yesterday afternoon.
Glad to read no one was hurt there at Sour Cherry. The physical work of cleaning up after the storm, although a pain in the (??) wherever, will probably help you deal with the loss of the trees.
Tony, It looks awful. I am glad you reported no serious damage--because it looks really bad. We are having a terrible heat wave here in Texas. The temperatures are not terribly unusual for us--but they are for JUNE! We might expect something like this in late July or August--100 to 105! And it has been like this for a week--it gets to you! They promise a bit of rain tomorrow and a little break in the temperature--we'll see! Not hard to convince me of climate change! Love getting to keep up with your adevenures via your blog. The picture of you and Shelia is GREAT! Fondly, Gay

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