The Other George

This is a post about what my old neigbour George does during our mini hurricane.
My 87 year old neighbour Old George got hit harder than we did. He and wife Phylis have 17 acres of old growth Carolinian forest. Five big trees got uprooted in his back yard and the worst of it is that they are held up in the tree tops. They keep their property tickadee boo so we know this is driving them crazy. I'm afraid Old George is going to drop one and the whole thing is going to come down on him. He doesn't move so quick anymore but he is one stubborn old bugger. Once I saw him so tired from chain sawing he laid on the ground and chain sawed on his side. George is blue blood Dutch and there is no way in hell he'll pay someone to help him. We will help but one has to be careful of their pride. Still thinks he's a young buck. Maybe that's the secret!


heidi said…
tony & shelia, glad you both are ok and your house too. hope there wasn't too much damage to your roof.

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