Smoozin' at the Ritz

I'm writing you from my fancy smanzy hotel room at the Delta Arms in London. Johnathon has put me up so that I can smooze with the heavy hitters that will be in attendance at the wine and cheese party at his gallery tonight. Here is Stephen, Jonathon's partner of over 30 years. Stephen although silent in the day to day goings on at the gallery is a very big part of it's success. Tonight he fills in as bartender.
There are rooms in the gallery where clients can escape to enjoy a glass of wine and discuss a possible purchase.
A woman pulled out a pot for all to see and said hey Tony this is yours. I said no it isn't! Yep it is! I made this when I was a young teenager at my aunt and uncles studio. It was signed Pinecroft, Aylmer, Canada Tony. You can run but ya can't hide!!!


John Post said…
That's kinda cool someone having a pot from when you were just starting out. She loved your work even when you were just a young lad:)

It should be worth more, like having a famous baseball players rookie card.

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