Texture and pattern

We're loading the bisque again this week and I had made my standard run of 5 jugs. I tried stamping them and when I stood back to look at them in the kiln I thought the stamping was toooooo busy a form of decoration for my liking. The pattern I had created looked over the top for me. This is standard procedure for me. I go way overboard and then ease back.
While waiting for customers on Sunday I made and finished 5 more jugs and paddled them instead. This is more casual and I did like it more however we'll see what the customers think. Colleen- I make these jugs in 3 pieces. I ain't going to show you though cause that's how I earn the big bucks. I have had email discussion with the gallery in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan about me doing a workshop in January. How macho is that??? I can take the cold and the wind send me to SK in the middle of winter.
Here is a closeup of a handle and some bowls that will have the rim added today and some small plates that will be cut square. The small square plates are our $35 hostess gifts that are I guess that "production" item in that we need to have some in each firing.
Notice we throw plates and bowls on plaster. The bottom is right for trimming when the rim sets up. I use plaster bats for jugs too since I leave the bottom flat and trim them standing tall.


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