Throwing a boomerang!

It's the things you do when you don't have to that really matter. Sheila is great at those small details that make a difference. Once a week or so she goes out and buys these gerberas at the local wholesale florist. They look so nice in the little bud vases that we sell. People almost always pick the vase that has the flower in it. We also deliver a card to our local favourite B and B's telling the guest that they can pick up their Welcome to Niargara gift at our studio. When I see them walking in the door with the card I offer them this nice little paper bag with one of our little porcelain ornaments tied to the side. The gift is a small cup or bowl that was just OK but not killer so it can't be sent to a gallery so it's our loss leader. In 90% of the cases the people buy something in the studio. Sometimes they don't but in this economy you do kind things and I believe that kindness is like a boomerang.


Linda Starr said…
I love those bud vases with the gerberas and what a great marketing idea about the Niagara gift, thanks.
Earl and Vickie said…
When I was at Utah State in the 70's one of the other potters used to buy up wooden spoons and the like at discount stores and put a few in her pots. The ones with the spoons always sold (if the spoons were included) first. Just plain cylinder pots, but she couldn't make enough of them.

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