The Apple

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree is true of Sheila and daughter Eileen. Eileen has an eye for the unusual and brought us this teapot she picked up at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in downtown Toronto. It was sporting the high price of $8.95 and is probably the most unusual handle/spout placement I've ever seen. Anyone out there have any idea of it's origins????? The lid actually looks like it was thrown in a mold. It's a nice amber ash glaze that I really love. If Ei looks confused at first it is that we really couldn't figure out how to hold it and she did a trial water demo to get the hang of it.
This is a nice addition to our collection of pots to talk about.


Alex Solla said…
You pour towards yourself. Not away. Similar to a Japanese side-handled teapot.
Togeika said…
Tony, they used to sell these at my Asian Market, United Noodle. They were sold next to the large Thai Mortar and pestles. They sold new for about the same price Eileen paid for hers. I think they are Chinese. You can probably still find them at some Asian Markets. I will look next time I am at United Noodle.

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