Small Wonders

Small wonders never cease! My neighbour Dr. Pumpkin dropped this mini 5 ton electric splitter over for us to try. It worked amazingly well on most of the wood. I had cut some rock elm that I can't split with my Paul Bunyan monster maul and the wee splitter couldn't handle either. Great little thing for side stoking wood but slow. I'm slowly loading the train with some pots. Seems with the studio demands, back to school and other distractions I'm taking a long time. This tree has started to grow in the stack to illustrate how slow I've been. Actually it's been two years since it was fired.
Another small wonder of the weekend was I dragged my analog friend Sir Robin Hopper into his first flight on the rocket ship Skype. It was an amazing flight to see and hear each other some 3500 miles away. Robin sent this picture of himself with the caption- "It blew my mind!"


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