Deer, moose, elk, caribou or cotton

I've been to my share of wood firings where participants show up in their North Face jackets and gorgeous soft new gloves made of deer, moose, elk, caribou and other silky smooth skins. Those $30 and $40 gloves will have holes in the finger tips part way thru the firing. Besides that leather burns ya when it gets hot and it is slippery when wet. I double layer a pair of cheapo cotton gloves that cost 99cents a pair and are cheaper by the dozen. When the outer layer wears out I put them inside and move the inner layer out. Cotton also doesn't get hot and burn ya. It may burn but I simply dose my gloved hands in water. I can get two firings for under $2.00 in hand apparel. I also like those cotton gloves with a rubber palm for wood prep and mudding the kiln. They have a good grip for picking up wood and sell for under $3.00 and last for a long time.
The kiln is finally loaded and lit after 2 years of being neglected while I globe trotted. I have trees to burn outta the stack and moss to scorch off the firebox.


FetishGhost said…
I've always have been humored by the clash of fashion and efficiency.
Anonymous said…
'bout time you got the moss off your kiln. Now I can't wait to see what comes out! Take care you two, and we will visit soon with a bottle of wine. Cheers!
Waitin' for the mugs. Got the Dickle ready.
T-do you have a copy of Garth Clarks "Shards"?
smokieclennell said…
tommy_ Of course I have a copy of Shards and I agree with it. Here is a treat for you
landlady said…
have a great firing!

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