Free wood

There is no such thing as free wood. I used to get my side stoking wood from a local cabinet making shop. They took container after container of oak, cherry, maple and birch kiln dried wood to the dump every week. I'd bring home a pick up or two to side stoke my wood kiln. It ain't free really as it would take me driving and man handling the stuff. Now they have decided I might drop a piece on my baby toe and sue them so it is no longer available. This week I ended up paying for the side stoke wood and got the rock elm from a friend for free. Well, free means, gas, a morning to pick it up, a sharpened chain saw, and an afternoon to saw it into firebox wood.
If any of you are in Missoula, Montana go see my ole land ladies show "Slice' at The Clay Center". She's getting kinda old and is still got a cocktail in each hand so hold her up for me would ya. Have a killer show Heidi!!!!


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