The Clay Pits

My uncle worked in the coal mines of Newcastle when he was a boy of 14. He told me of the work ponies that would bring the coal up from the mines. I'm the clay pony at Sheridan. My job for the next 2 months is to teach throwing to the second years at Sheridan College. Probably a little known fact is that Sheridan is the biggest art school in Canada and the second biggest in North America. Well, it's not the craft dept that gives it that distinction, it's graphic art and animation. Here is the clay pit that I rule. It is a fabulous place with a hand building room, glaze room, throwing room, individual studios for 15 3rd year students, 4 gas kilns, l soda kiln, l car kiln, l wood kiln, 5 or 6 brand new Cone Art electric kilns etc, etc. Here is a picture of Hugh Douglas Murray who has been the long standing full time Ceramic Technologist that keeps every piece of equipment in tip top shape. Hugh keeps the machine well oiled and greased so that faculty can do their job of teaching. Hugh also does a fine job of teaching kiln firing, clay and glaze making and most importantly- SAFETY!
Bruce loaded the car kiln with pots for a film that is being taken to be shown in Korea on Sheridan.


Anonymous said…
Oh, I do miss the excitement of the old days at Sheridan. Rubbing shoulders with the big guns (Bruce & Tony, etc). Sucking in all that knowledge. Carry on keeping it real for the students with your nuggets of knowledge and experience Tony!


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