giving thanks

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and Sheila and I have lots to be thankful for. During the week our potter friends Jim and Pat Reno from Upper New York State dropped in for a visit. Friday night our long time friends and customers Hector and Ola Lazzarotto took us out for a gourmet meal. I'd show Hector but his hair was a mess. Hec was the President of Bic and introduced the 19 cent pen to Canada. The rest is dollar store history.
Our daughter Eileen showed up to take over the kitchen and let Sheila chill. Eileen folded the napkins Martha Stewart style, made dough leaves for her pumpkin pie and presented us with a absolute harvest feast.
I'm relaxing with a nice two fingers of Woodford Reserve bourbon and thinking life is good. Life is very very good!


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