Those bloody boring conifers!

It's fall here in Ontario and all of my favourite glaze colours are at their peak. The skies are gloomy today but the foliage is pretty spectacular. Robin Hopper is reading this and saying why did I move to the land of those bloody boring conifers? Ok, they're big and awesome but show me the colour! That's my new motto!
A cyber friend Bill Merrill of Washington state sent me this poster of a teapot of David Shaner's. I pinned it on the wall of the studio by my wheel. I used to stare at his teapots for hours on end hoping they would enter my body by osmosis. My pottery teacher Roger Kerslake maintained you could judge a potter by their teapot. He made a good one so of course he would say that. Here is a pic of one from my latest wood firing. Shaners is simple and strong, mine is perhaps more fused over. Nice foot though!


Looks, at least, like you're getting some fall. We just went from almost summer to brown and down because of a very early hard freeze, the dry summer and sudden overabundance of rain. Looks like a bad firing outside here!
FetishGhost said…
Beautiful... I'm looking at it and wishing I could pick it up to explore it's surfaces. Interesting teapot... guess it says quite a bit about you.
Wes said…
Tony, have not been back to your blog for a while. Love the fall colors. We even have a few trees with some out here in CA. However, the roses are still in full bloom and pushing new growth.

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