Sing for your supper

We had Robin Hopper visiting us for the day to check my homework and to talk about the colour path he has encouraged me to embark upon. Before we would feed him he was required to be the Wal-Mart greeter with a group of our customers that arrived in a streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch limo. They were doing some wine tastings and very wisely rented the limo to take them from winery to winery and then out for a lovely dinner.
How do I begin to tell y'all how much I learned from Robin today???? This man has seen several million glaze tests and as any good teacher does makes it all understandable. The 9 hour talk ranged from geology, to surface/colour development, to philosophy, to academia, to stayin' alive and then always back to glaze. My head is swimming right now but I can see the shore so the swim is methodical. Thanx Robin!!!


Hob-nobbing with the muckity mucks, eh? So how'd the last firing turn out...or haven't you opened it yet?

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