A Toronto Dream

Yesterday Bruce and I went with the Sheridan students to the downtown warehouse studio of ceramist Susan Collett. The studio is in a very active arts area of Toronto off Queen Str West. She has a studio probably 20 times the size of my studio here at home with two large rooms that allow her teaching opportunities, permanent photography set-up, large work has room to sit and dry for long periods of time, a small kitchen, lots of tables, 12 foot ceilings and some nice natural light from the windows.
Susan was the perfect host and a consummate professional. She had the coffee brewing and had prepared a power point presentation of her work as it has been influenced by time in China and Israel.
In the one shot you can see her adding a paper clay addition to an already bisque fired piece. She was the extolling the virtues of paper clay.
Susan's work can be found in some very prominent collections including the Eaton family, Donald Trump, and the Branfman's.


Nice. I love how you said "very active arts area of Toronto" - I don't know "arts area" just sounds good to me. Oh, but I would love to see the pictures in bigger version. Is it possible?

smokieclennell said…
Elli: sorry I borrowed Janet's camera and this is what I got. Tc

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